About Capstone Ministries

Capstone Ministries was founded in 2005 with a vision to restore street children and their families in Kisumu, Kenya.
Dan and Patty Schmelzer (photo right) have worked with street children in Kisumu since 2002. They are the founders and  directors of the ministry.

Capstone Ministries is a Christian organization that believes that family is the divine structure God has designed for the rearing of children. Family provides the necessary protective environment in which children can grow and develop. In Kenya the family is under attack from many forces. The HIV pandemic, ongoing poverty, malaria, urbanization, a Western influence and family breakdown has stressed families.

More than 1,000 children live on the streets of Kisumu.  They survive by begging and stealing. They suffer from skin diseases, abuse from the public, poor nutrition and a lack of sanitation.  But mostly they lack love and attention of a nurturing family.  Capstone’s program begins by building relationships with these children where they are.  Daily, the staff of Capstone is on the street showing these children the love of God in Jesus Christ. Through counseling and an ongoing outreach program, the boys are reunited with their families.

More than 90% of the 675  boys that have been reunited with their families by Capstone Ministries have gone home directly from the street. From there they receive ongoing emotional and spiritual support by Capstone.

Capstone provides ongoing support to families through regular visitation by Capstone staff.  Families do not receive financial assistance but are encouraged to be responsible parents and take care of their own children. Capstone staff provide emotional and spiritual counseling to families and encourage parents to attend one of the seventeen Bible Study Groups started by the two pastors on staff.

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Restoration to the Home & Family – Our ultimate goal at Capstone Ministries is to reunite street children with their families.

Capstone Camp – Held annually in August, Capstone alumni return for a week of training, prayer, scouting skills and fun! Watch a short clip about Capstone Camp 2015:  Short Version Capstone Camp 2015 Video_CLIPCHAMP_720p (1)

Capstone Ministries & the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya – In addition to his ministry at Capstone, Dan also serves as a pastor in the ELCK.