Worlds AIDS Day Marathon

 Dan and I are out the door very early tomorrow morning. Capstone is setting up a display booth in the big sports arena in town for the Worlds AIDS Day Marathon. We’ll also be selling the Moringa. It will be […]

Graduation Day at Capstone

Today we woke up early and headed to the CTC (Capstone Transition Center) for a very special occasion.  It was “graduation” day for our boys and closing for the holidays.  Currently 8 children have been undergoing rehabilitation at the CTC. […]


ATTACHMENT!!  These days when you see this word you think of something that comes along with your email, a picture or a document of some kind. Whatever it is, it’s special and hangs on to your email permanently– it’s connected. In reference […]

A typical week at Capstone Ministries

What is a typical week at Capstone like? We have a full time staff of  seven employees plus an interim manager. We’d like to introduce them to you briefly and share what they do in a typical work week. 1. […]