Graduation Day at Capstone

Today we woke up early and headed to the CTC (Capstone Transition Center) for a very special occasion.  It was “graduation” day for our boys and closing for the holidays. 

Currently 8 children have been undergoing rehabilitation at the CTC. They finished the school year on Friday and we can joyfully report that seven out of the eight are ready to be permanently reunited with their parents! 

The children have been excited and preparing for more than a week. When we arrived early this morning it looked like a church group ready to go for church camp: backpacks were packed, mattresses were rolled and all lined on the front porch of the house….ready to go! 

Today was “reattachment” day at Capstone and all of the parents were in attendance for the closing ceremony. 

Following a short devotion and a few songs, everyone had a chance to speak and share their hearts. The staff shared our joy in knowing these boys: Thomas, Maxwell, James, Brian, Kevin, Mustafa, Eluid, and Jacktone. The parents expressed their appreciation for the change they see in their children. 

We took especially great pride in recognizing two of our boys who really stood out: Maxwell who is in the 7th grade was number 3 in his class and James, our youngest (and cutest), was number 4 in his class! This is amazing considering these children have been out of school for some time living on the street. They are talented, intelligent and charming! 

We took this opportunity to share with the parents the importance of attachment and the role they need to play in that. After lunch it was a bittersweet scene to watch each child with backpack and bedroll walking with his parent leaving the Capstone Transition Center.  We pray God will go with them. 

The vision of Capstone Ministries was fulfilled today!!!

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