Income Generating Projects

Capstone’s ultimate goal is to be a viable program that is self-sustainable through local income generating projects.

These projects will have a local market identified in the community and will reduce donor dependency.  The ministry’s goal is to accomplish this in phases. By the end of 2014, Capstone would like our local budget to be 50% supported by these income generating projects.

moringaCurrently we are working to develop two areas.  One is the moringa tree leaf powder.  Moringa is an indigenous tree, the leaves of which have medicinal properties that can boost the immune system.  The market for this powder is already established and the demand is high.  Marketing of the leaf powder is underway and there is great promise for this product in the local market.



15 In August of 2011 Capstone initiated a relationship with several HIV+ Women’s Support Groups. The women were provided with moringa seedlings.  They were given a training session on how to grow and care for the tree as well as how to harvest the leaves. We now have three groups that are growing the trees for us.  Every two weeks, we meet with them, collect the leaves they have harvested and pay them for 16their previous harvest.  We dry, process, package and market the leaves.  This initiative has helped us to increase our supply of moringa. It has helped the ladies to have a cash crop and has increased their self reliance.

PDictures are of the women in Tumaini Women’s Support Group.  ”Tumaini” means “Hope” in Swahili.