Short Term Mission Team Update

Here is a recent update from our Kenya Team. They have already held the Marriage Conference that Jamie referred to, and it went very well, with 9 couples attending. She reported that men are men, and women are women in all countries! We always find that to be true, wherever we go.
Right now, we have a big problem. Jamie, Sharon and Barbara are due to fly through Amsterdam this week, but all flights in and out of Europe are currently cancelled because of the volcanic dust coming from Iceland. We have no idea how they are getting home. Please pray hard for them to find flights. Maureen is flying to India, so hopefully, she should be OK.
Pastor Deuel, The Sending Place

Hello Family and Friends,
Our VBS was a wonderful day. We had over 50 kids at the Capstone Transition Center. We had their 7 kids from the center as well as at least 50 village kids. It was a great day. We had the kids do dramas of the lessons they learned. Sharon’s group did the Prodigal Son, and the kids took the role of the pigs in the story very seriously. They were hysterical!!!!
Barbara and Maureen had great groups as well, and as usual they all did a wonderful job teaching, playing, and loving the kids. Kids are kids all over the world, it’s impossible not to fall in love with them.
The staff at Capstone is just wonderful. God has clearly selected a group of people with a heart for Him and these kids to work together. It is long to explain in an email, but the vision Dan and Patty have, their work, their staff, and of course most importantly the work CHRIST is doing through them is just incredible. What an honor to see all that is going on.
I’ve noticed a big difference since the last time I was here. Before, all the street boys were thought to be orphaned, abused, or abandoned. And that is true of some. But some actually like the freedom of the street, or have parents who just ignore them so they leave. There are many that can be reunited with family, who can return to school, and who can group up with their families. It is AWESOME to see the work that is going on here, and to see how God is so clearly in the lead. Dan and Patty’s faith and that of their staff is just Awesome…..
We are all doing well. We are preparing for our marriage conference tomorrow. It is very exciting, especially since we have a good relationship with the staff already. We will also be having a VBS for 200 kids on Saturday, and other ministry during the week…..
The last couple of nights we’ve had some crazy weather. Pouring down rain, lightening, thunder. It is great to watch from the safety of our hotel…..

Today I’ll start with Maureen……. Last night the women were all talking in our room, Patty included, and all of a sudden there was a HUGE sound of thunder. One of those that is right over the top of you. It took Maureen all of one second to jump off her bed and into the arms of Patty who was on Jamie’s bed. She’s a brave one for sure. hahaha
Dan may need some extra prayers, he’s now surrounded by five women. He’s doing good, but I’m sure many men can relate to the need for prayer…. hahahhahaha–Oh he’s fine….
Thank you all for your prayers. We are staying healthy and have been blessed with safety. A couple of the ladies thought the hour ride to the transition center was an event, it was a little wild. So keep those prayers for safety coming….
Our love to you all,
Jamie, Sharon, Barbara, and Maureen

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