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Welcome and thanks for taking an interest in our life in Kenya and especially for having an interest in Capstone Ministries. Dan and I are so humbled and honored that God has chosen us and has given us a shared passion in the work of restoring street boys back to their families and back to school.

There are a number of issues in the lives of street kids and their families that make restoration a challenge.  There are relational issues: polygamy, step parent and blended family struggles; spiritual issues: witchcraft, alchoholism, abuse; physical issues: food insecurity, HIV, malaria and poor housing. To these challenges we say, “Isn’t that all the more reason we should be there?” Ministry means being where there are challenges!  God has called us to make disciples of ALL men. In order to save these children we need to restore the family, to teach them to forgive each other, to rebuild relationships and especially to restore hope by sharing the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Our hope and prayer is that we will not only make disciples of adults but also make disciples of children! Who better to change the culture of the family, to restore hope at home and in the future of Kenya than the children.

Dan and I will post to this blog as we feel led. We will cover topics at your request. We will share details of stories we often can’t squeeze onto the two page monthly newsletter and we will share our hearts. Our life is at times amazingly challenging, always amazingly rewarding and never dull or boring. We hope you will enjoy reading and please feel free to ask questions and comment.  God bless you as we take this journey together, Patty

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