Youth Center

GeoffreyCapstone’s Youth Center invites street children to a weekly program that gives them a place of spiritual and physical security.  Capstone is currently operating the youth outreach at the Lutheran Church compound in Kisumu.

Our vision of restoring street boys and their families begins by ministering to them at their point of need. Several days a week, our staff are on the street meeting the boys, some as young as seven years of age.DSC_0017

Once week they are invited to come to our Youth Center (CYC).  Here they know they will find a friend they can talk to about their problems, get a meal, bathe and wash their clothes, play games, sing songs and hear the Word of God.

This is the first step of building trust and hope.  Many boys on the street do not trust adults.  They are at times chased by the police. Shop owners see them as potential thieves. Rebuilding trust takes consistent unconditional love.  This is what we try to do CYC1at this stage of the restoration process.

Many of the boys will go home directly from this outreach program after counseling and encouragement.