Capstone Camp

10Capstone Camp is an opportunity for former street kids who have been reintegrated with their families to come back to the Transition Center for a week of spiritual enrichment, scouting activities, crafts and games.  The intention of the ministry is to build up the children, encourage and reward them for their dedication to staying at home.  In 2009 we added the component of inviting the parents/guardians of the children to join us for a closing day on Saturday.

Our intention by inviting the parents is to:

1. Strengthen the bond between the parent and the child6
2. Provide encouragement and an open forum for parents to hear from their children and see how they have developed and changed.
3. Give the parents an opportunity to hear from those who can assist them in boosting their homes spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Capstone Camp involves a daily regimented schedule of Biblical instruction in the 10 Commandments, Lord’s Prayer, Baptism and Confession that lead to an opportunity for Baptism on the final day. Other activities like a presentation by a nurse on home based care, tooth brushing, personal hygiene, diet,  etc is also given. Scouting skills are taught in the afternoon.  This provides discipline and character building skills that can easily translate into a more dedicated student. Learning memory verses, songs, drama, and a poem for presentation all fit into the day’s activities that conclude with games in the early evening. On the last day we show the Chronicles of Narnia film “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.”  This film is a favorite of the children when they see it and they easily identify the spiritual truths it contains. Every year 20 children participate in the camp and every child has a parent or guardian come for the concluding day.

The videos below show the most recent Camps.

Short Version Capstone Camp 2015 Video_CLIPCHAMP_720p (1)


The theme of Capstone Camp 2014 was “Jesus Values One” and was based on Jesus parables of Luke 15 but particularly the Parable of the Lost Son.