Update on James

The Lutheran Special School will be closing for the term break this week. We have decided to keep James there for a few more weeks. When James first arrived at the school he was not use to the fast pace of the other children or even knowing how to navigate a sidewalk. James fell and cut open the back of his head. The wound required stitches. Last week James fell again and opened the same wound. They were not able to stitch it again so the school nurse is watching carefully to keep it clean and covered. James is on antibiotics to ward off infection and we’ve decided he will remain at the school for a few weeks to be sure he receives proper wound care and medical attention.
Otherwise our special little boy is doing so well! Here are the small changes that are mountains rather than mole hills:
1. James will sometimes respond to his name and come when called.
2. He understands what the bell means and can go to the appropriate place.
3. He will make eye contact.
4. His stomach has gone down after deworming.
5. He is beginning to feed himself properly.
6. He smiles and makes sounds but no words yet.
We are so happy for the progress in only a few weeks! God bless, Patty

James 29th March, 2010

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